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The King's Head

"EJ Martin is quite simply splendid in the role of Phoebe. Mousy yet tall, beaten yet determined, shy yet able to take the lead, EJ brings every facet of Phoebe’s multi-layered personality to life in fine style."

London Theatre One

"‘EJ Martin provides the emotional core. It's fascinating to watch her react to the other characters: half sussing them out, half confused at how they could behave so wickedly. Her changes in facial expression are almost microscopic - curling her lip with disappointment as someone apparently betrays her, or smiling at a tiny moment of triumph. She manages to be both vulnerable and faintly scary at once - no mean feat!’"

London City Nights

"EJ Martin gave an intricate and nuanced portrayal of Phoebe, a young woman striving to understand the insensitive world she lives in and the people who populate it."

London Pub Theatres


The Arts Theatre

"(One of) the best performances come(s) from EJ Martin who is vividly glowering and acrid as Blanche, the sister-in-law at loggerheads with Clyde for corrupting his supposedly reformed brother."

"A scene-stealing EJ Martin as by far the best in the cast and delivers the musical’s strongest songs (‘Whisper to Me’ and ‘Bloodshot Heart’)."

"Blanche Barrow (EJ Martin) was fiercely strong and unfaltering throughout; her stage relationship with Buck Barrow (Anthony Jardine) was flawless, easily outstripping the focal love story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow...Blanche and Buck’s [relationship] was heart-wrenchingly detailed."

The Upcoming

"EJ Martin’s tortured Blanche Barrow, sister-in-law to Clyde, starts as a brazen fire-cracker overjoyed at the return of her imprisoned loved one, but, struck at by the violent events that unfold, she becomes a messy and tragic result of our protagonist’s destructive efforts. She the show, especially with the more dramatic scenes as she bleeds emotion right up to the inevitable climax."

A Younger Theatre

"EJ Martin’s Blanche is sharp-witted, pragmatic and practical in refreshing contrast to the shrieking harpy of the film who the real Blanche likened to a 'screaming horse’s ass.'"

The Islington Gazette

"EJ Martin as Blanche (Buck's wife) was powerfully emotional as the unwilling participant in the crime binge and in her torch song "Whisper To Me" belted out a note that sent shivers through me."

One Stop Arts

"I must commend EJ Martin’s skills as an actress, as during Act Two, when blind-folded and in prison, she had the audience on the edge of their seats – a real highlight of the production."

London Theatre

"The haunting ‘Whisper To Me’, sung with a breathy, smoky passion by EJ Martin (think early Cleo Laine or Nina Simone)."

What's Peen Seen


The Old Red Lion

"[Vonnegut's] scorched sardonic humour...remains as gratifying as ever and it's clearly relished by an animated cast. Particular treats are EJ Martin's finicky vacuum cleaner salesman and Marcus Powell's dopey ex-airman, fresh from Nagasaki and full of regret."

Timeout London Click for Full Review

"A fine cast with standout performances by Alix Dunmore as a glamour-puss wife and EJ Martin as her seedy salesman admirer. The two also double-up deliciously as a Nazi commander and a ten-year-old girl who perform an excellent bit of suitably surreal improvisation in the interval."

The StageClick for Full Review

"Herb, a smarmy bow-tied vacuum salesman, is one of two suitors to appear on the scene in Ryan’s absence, played by EJ Martin, who nails the character’s pompous self-regard with a brilliantly comic turn."

Camden New Journal Click for Full Review

“The production as a whole is deftly and intelligently directed with plenty of over-the-top razzmatazz and some rather inspired casting decisions... in an inspired choice both suitors are played by actresses ...It is played with real verve and style by an accomplished cast.”

The Lady Click for Full Review

"The cast are commendable in their presentation and demonstrate real versatility; females play male roles and three of the actors also double up and play two chraracters each. EJ Martin plays both Shuttle and Wanda June with gentle good humour - she really draws out the meaning in these supporting roles."

Everything Theatre Click for Full Review

"Martin's Shuttle is perfectly slimy...and both she and Dunmore have a brilliant talent for improvisation. This shines during an ingenious idea, presumably by director Ant Stones of having Wanda and Koningswald play a game of shuffleboard during the interval. This led to a lot of unscripted laugh-out-loud moments as the pair bounced off each other and interacted with the audience."

Views From The Gods Click for Full Review


The Rose Theatre

"This classic tale is pertinent to today’s culture: an ageing parent must decide how to split the inheritance due to his three daughters and Julian Bird’s Lear shows how wisdom does not
always come with age as he spurns the sincere devotion of young Cordelia (a fine
early career performance from EJ Martin)."

British Theatre Guide Click for Full Review

"Elisa Ashenden and EJ Martin, in particular, evoke brilliantly the respective fawning and vulnerability of characters venerated or scorned for letting the jaded matriarch hear what he does, and does not, want to hear. Cordelia’s hesitations innately confound the deftly-engineered “propriety” of the opening wine reception, but it is precisely that brittle respectability that stresses its falsity and her integrity."